Anesthesia Delivery

GE Healthcare Avance CS2

Aisys CS2 with ecoFLOW

Modular and upgradeable, with Aisys CS² you’re planning for the future while protecting your investment. Features a 15'' touchscreen ventilator display and time-saving quick-pick settings.

GE Healthcare Avance CS2

Avance CS2 with ecoFLOW

Anesthesia remastered for the digital age.

Aespire View with B650.

Aespire View

A compact anesthesia solution with a large color ventilator display and a full suite of ventilation modes.

Aespire 7900.

Aespire 7900

Aespire* 7900 is a cost-effective anesthesia delivery solution for hospital ORs and stand alone surgery centers.

Aestiva MRI

Aestiva MRI

Aestiva* MRI is a versatile MRI-compatible anesthesia system with an integrated ventilator.


CARESCAPE Monitor B850

CARESCAPE Monitor B850

The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 is a high-acuity monitor that provides data continuity and integration across care areas.

CARESCAPE Monitor B650

The CARESCAPE Monitor B650 is a mid-acuity monitor that gets you the right clinical information, when and where you need it.

CARESCAPE Monitor B450

CARESCAPE Monitor B450

A light, compact, fully touchscreen bedside monitor with transport capabilities as well. It can follow patients virtually anywhere, giving you continuous monitoring every step of the way.

B40 Monitor

B40 Monitor

From ambulatory surgery to surgical suites to PACU, the B40 Monitor offers simplicity of operation and versatile clinical capabilities to help you monitor a wide range of patients.

Dash 4000

Dash 4000

The Dash 4000 monitor is a complete portable bedside monitoring solution.

Dash 5000

The Dash 5000 wireless monitors are designed for integration into commonly utilized existing wireless networks.


Vivid i laptop.

Ultrasound Education

Point of Care Ultrasound Education helps increase confidence in using ultrasound in every day practice.

Venue 40

Venue 40 Ultrasound

Get high-resolution imaging in an intuitive and affordable ultrasound system.


LOGIQ e Ultrasound

Get advanced imaging in a compact platform that will grow with a clinician's practice.

Vivid i laptop.

Vivid i

Lightweight mobility. Heavyweight ability. Functionality and high-performance in a portable design.

OEC (Interventional and Surgery)

OEC 9800 Plus Mobile C-arm - Surgical Imaging

A true workhorse in the OR, the OEC* 9800 is installed in more facilities worldwide than any other mobile C-arm.


OEC Brivo Plus - Orthopedic Surgical Imaging

When choosing the right C-arm for your basic imaging needs, the OEC Brivo Plus is the confident choice. It’s simple.

OEC 9900 Elite.

Used C-arm - OEC 9900 Elite

The GoldSeal Certified OEC 9900 Elite mobile C-arm offers high quality at an affordable price.

OEC 9800 Refurbished C-arm

Refurbished C-arm - OEC 9800

For a high-quality affordable mobile C-arm, choose a classic, choose the Certified OEC 9800 C-arm.